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Ball Mill

Ball Mills have a wide range of applications and are especially suited to process materials where dual operations of grinding-cum-mixing is required. Ball Mills are almost indispensable to Industries manufacturing Paints, Chemicals, Lime¬Pazzolana, Cement, Inks, Pharmaceuticals, and Mineral Mixtures and other allied Industries. Ball Mills employ modified drive arrangement to reduce the Mill cost as well as for smooth trouble free operation.


1. Cylindrical shell are with heavy duty alloy steel trunnions.
2. Counterbalance is directly opposite to man-hole opening.
3. Heavy support stand is provided.
4. Replaceable liners. (On request).
5. Easily removable cover.


1. Uniform quality throughout the entire batch, batch after batch.
2. Fineness accurately controlled by operating time, mechanical regulators being unnecessary.
3. Ultimate fineness possible, less than 1 micron.
4. Range of sizes for every production, semi-production or laboratory problem.
5. No workman's attention required while Mills is running. No skilled help needed at any time.
6. Combined grinding & mixing accomplished most efficiently without loss of time.
7. Equally suited for grinding both wet or dry products.
8. Extremely low power consumption per unit of material.
9. Easily cleaned.