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Sigma Mixer

Sigma Mixers (Kneader) is modern heavy duty mixer specially designed to produce uniform mixing and kneading heavier viscosity materials. It is suitable for many applications such as different kinds of doughs, stiff pastes, adhesives, polyester compounds, flush colours, brake lining compounds, resigns, soap, PVC coatings, rubber compounds, food dough, etc.

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Ribbon Blender

Mixers have long been noted for their efficiency in mixing dry powders and granular materials, adding small quantities of liquids to a dry batch, and for flowing paste. Recent modification in design, and the addition of auxiliary equipment have, however, greatly increased their field of usefulness.

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Ball Mill

Ball Mills have a wide range of applications and are especially suited to process materials where dual operations of grinding-cum-mixing is required. Ball Mills are almost indispensable to Industries manufacturing Paints, Chemicals, Lime�Pazzolana, Cement, Inks, Pharmaceuticals, and Mineral Mixtures and other allied Industries.

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Planetory Mixer is a modern heavy duty mixer designed specially for uniform Mixing by planetary movement of beater(agitator). Detachable cylindrical bowl with flat / hemispherical bottom of suitable dimension and Batter / Dough Hook / Wire Whip Cage Type blade is constructed out of SS-316 / SS-304 / MS Material. Detachable agitator is bolted / fitted manually by simple twisting action.

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The vibro screen is circular unitized advanced gyratory screen with mechanical vibration. The motivation is through a motor with double shaft fitted at both ends with eccentric weights. The whole drive assembly is mounted on a cylindrical base with rugged springs which allow the unit to vibrate freely and, at the same time, the spring prevent transmitted vibration reaching the floor are

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The process of coating tablet�s and confectioneries depends to a large extent on the personal skill of the coater. Some of the important factors which affect the process of coating are: Rotational speed, Angle of inclination of Pan, Volume and Temperature of hot air, and shape of pan Coating Pans are incorporated with the above design features and are available in various sizes.

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