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1.1 General:

This quality manual of Paresh Engineering Go. refers to and includes the documented QMS procedures indented for the overall planning, administration and control activities, which have an impart on quality. This is a document specifying the quality management system of Paresh Engineering Co .which is dealing in machine manufacturing for reputed organizations like Pidilite Industries Ltd, Jaygo USA, Cadbury India Pvt ltd, and Camlin etc. This covers all applicable elements of the Standard IS/ISO 9001 2008 by DNV, Quality Management System-Requirements, (Second Revision)

The Quality Manual describes in adequate details the responsibilities and authorities and interrelationship of personnel who manage, perform, verify and review affecting quality, how different activities are being performed, the documentation to be used and the controls lo be applied.

Purpose of Quality Manual:

a) The purpose of this quality manual Is to specify the requirements of QMS for Paresh Engineering Co. to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide Products (The term “Products” applies to the tangible products &   intangible services intended for or required by our customers), that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

b) To fulfill the aim of the organisation, to achieve customer satisfaction through effective application of the system, including process of improvement of the system and assurance of conformity to customer and applicable regulatoryrequirements.

c) The quality manual serves the objectives of

• Communicating the company’s Quality Policy, Quality Objectives, procedure and requirements to all concerned persons
• Implementing and maintaining an effective system.
• Providing adequate control of practices, methods, techniques and providing documented basis for and through the system
• Presenting the quality management system for external audit purpose,such as demonstrating compliance with requirement laid down in the IS/ISO 9001.2008 by DNV Standard, by adequately addressing all the clauses.

1.2. Application:

The QMS addresses all clauses of the standard, in a manner, which is appropriate to the type of industry & business environment within which Paresh Engineering Co. is working to fulfill customer and applicable regulatory requirements. The company has taken the fact into cognizance, that the requirements of the standard are generic in nature and are intended to be applicable to Paresh Engineering Co., by careful consideration and review of each clause.

1.3. Exclusion:

All clauses of ISO 9001: 2008 by DNV are applicable to Paresh Engineering Co., hence there is no clause to be excluded.

1.4. Scope of Certification:

Design, development, manufacturing and supply of machinery, equipment and spares for Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Paint and Allied Industry.