Attrition Mill

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Attrition Mill

Mills are designed to produce high quality, superfine grinds over a very short period of time, using a minimum of energy and a minimum of floor space.

Advantages of the Attrition Mill Process

Fine homogenous dispersions

Average particle sizes of 1 micron or less of solid bodies in high concentrations without entrapping air.

Shorter grinding times

Up to ten times faster than conventional equipment, such as ball or pebble mills.

No premixing

Ingredients may be added at the beginning or any other time during the process.Corrections can be made without stopping the machine.

Low power consumption

Due to favorable distribution of the installed energy, all power is used for grinding and dispersion.

Minimum floor space

Attrition Mills are extremely compact in size and require no special foundations.

Safe operation

Good checking possibilities and the stationary grinding chamber ensure safe operating conditions.

Low maintenance

Simplicity of design and operation means minimum maintenance and downtime.

Minimum equipment wear

The use of very hard-wearing materials minimizes wear.

Operating principle of the Attrition mills

The machine works along the same lines as the agitator mills. The vertical special agitator with self rotating hardened dot welded beaters is fitted with agitator shaft which are arranged in staggered positions one above the other and at a certain angle in relation to one another. The agitator runs in a container which can be cooled or heated, as required. Thus it is possible to process high-viscosity/ abrasive/ hard solid materials to grind one micron or less particles.

Attrition milling is batch operation where materials to be ground are fed in as a suspension or as single components. A built-in product discharge valve with screen enables the separation of product and grinding media.

The exchange of the grinding media is possible by a tilt mechanism. Size and material of the grinding media depend on the product to be processed.