Colloid Mill

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Colloid Mill


Product is fed into hopper and specially designed feeding device push the material to stator and rotor for high shearing, cutting and rubbing forces. Due to conical arrangement, the slightly deviating tapeiring of the milling surface of the stator and rotor, the angular gap becomes narrower towards the discharge section and the centrifugal effect of the rotor rotates at a high speed, the material is then forced into next tooth stage. The tooth breaks the particles with high degree of forces. Intence whirling multiples the grinding and mixing effect. The processed material continuously leave the mill through the drain pipe/discharge spout, if required it can be recirculated.


  • All contact parts are made out of SS304 / SS316 / SS316 L quality material.
  • Coupling provided between motor shaft and rotor for the ease in maintenance.
  • 3 way valve system for draining and re-circulation of liquids or discharge spout for viscous products can be provided.
  • Contact parts can be easily dismantled for cleaning.
  • Flame proof construction provided if customer requires.
  • Jacketed model with jacket to the hopper.