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Drum Blender

The Drum Blender system has been designed as an integral cycle system from formulation to utilisation. It involves mixing & batch identification of the product during intermediate steps inside the same hermetically sealed container. This system allows that the G.M.P. is followed as closely as possible (no cross. contamination, no pollution of the environment).

The machine consists of a fabricated MS Drum rotating at 20 RPM. It has an open able door in front, through which the SS Bins containing the products are loaded in the Drum. After the mixing, the Bins are removed and the Drum is recharged with another loaded Bin.

Specification of Drum Blender & Bins


  • A MS Fabricated structure with 2 shafts mounted on Plummer Blocks. It is coupled to the drive consisting of Motor and Gear Box of required size.
  • Between Motor and Gear Box a fluid coupling to take care of starting Torque is provided.
  • The Motor shall be flame proof, foot mounted 15 HP 1000 RPM. The Gear Box shall be Redicon, size 700, ratio 50: 1.
  • Manual Inching arrangement to bring the Drum in position is provided.
  • The design of the Drum and the supporting structure is such that the Bins can be loaded & removed from the Drum by means of Fork Lift Trucks, thereby eliminating manual handling.
  • The provision of Locking arrangement for the door & clamping of Bins firmly is completely fool proof.
  • A suitable fencing around the Drum is provided with an entry point for the fork lift. A limit switch is incorporated in the electrical circuit to prevent the operation of the Drum when the door is open.
  • The whole MS Structure shall be painted with suitable colour.


  • The material of construction will be SS - 304/SS 316.
  • The approximate dimensions are shown in the attached drawing.
  • The Bins are stackable one over the other and shall have complete stability.
  • The Bins can be lifted stacked and transported by Fork Lift Trucks.
  • The charging hole with cover is provided on Top with quick opening & closing arrangement.
  • Each bin has a built-in Butterfly valve 200 mm dia at the bottom suitable for powder.
  • The bins are highly polished from inside & outside.


  • The base frame shall consist of MS Angle Iron with Plate Top.
  • It shall have 2 Nos. Fixed Type & 2 Nos. Swivel type Castor wheels.
  • A fixed handle made out of MS Pipes shall be provided for easy movement of Trolleys.
  • It shall be given 2 coats of red oxide primer and 2 coats of enamel paint of suitable colour.