Fluid Bed Dryer

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Fluid Bed Dryer

Method of working

The Fluid Bed Dryer facilitates quick and even drying. The required volume of air is produced by means of a statically and dynamically balanced fan. The fresh air is passed through filters which removes the traces of impurities from the outside air.

The purified air is heated by either steam/electric/Thermic Fluide. The hot air passes through the product container having diffuser plate and stainless steel sieve. Due to the hot air steam the wet product gets fluidized. The material gets surrounded by hot air and gets dried due to rapid transfer of heat. The moist air passes through the filter bag to the exhaust dust.

Used For Drying

Powders,Granulates,Tablet substance, Herbs, Tea, Salt, Kernels, Cocoa, Plastic powder, Plastic granulates, Seeds, Products of macro and micro chemistry, Animal bristles, Textile fibers etc.

Special Features

  • All contact parts are made out of SS304 / SS316 / SS316 L quality material.
  • GMP and Non GMP Model.
  • Automatic/Manual bag shaking arrangement.
  • Mechanical/Pneumatic lifting and locking for product container with retarding chamber.
  • Contact parts can be easily dismantled for cleaning.
  • Flame proof construction provided if customer requires.

Fluid bed dryer are suitable for material having less than 20% moisture.