High Speed Disperser

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High Speed Disperser

High speed disperser is specially designed for high speed dispersion, dissolution and homogenization of the material having low viscosity range up to 1000 cps. This advanced dispersion technology produces extremely high quality products in less time and substantially less cost.

The machine is assembled around a center column and head including drive with dispersing blade is raised and lowered by motorized / hydraulic system. Container fixing brackets are provided self centering with locking arrangements.

For high speed dispersing top entry agitator shaft with serrated cutter blade / shear disk is provided. The blade is easily detachable. Detachable cylindrical bowl with flat / Terri-spherical bottom of suitable dimension and blade is constructed out of SS 316/SS-304/ MS material.


Agitator shaft rotates with the help of suitable bearing house fitted on head with V belt pulleys and electric motor. If variable speed is required, variable speed belts, pulleys or AC frequency unit will be provided.

Special Features

  • Bowl will be jacketed for heating or cooling.
  • Mixer can be designed to operate under vacuum to avoid air entrapment in product during mixing.
  • The bowl will be provided with caster wheels for easy movement for cleaning, washing and handling mixed materials.
  • GMP / Non GMP / FLP construction.


Generally used in mixing of liquid-liquid, liquid-solid such as paint, printing ink, pigment, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, plastics etc.