Mighty Mixer

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Mighty Mixer

By combining single planetary blade with high speed disperser, Mighty mix can handle materials over an enormous range of viscosity and accomplish the work of two mixers of your process line. The planetary blade continuously sweeps the side wall and forcing material to the center of the vessel and high shear disperser Teflon side-scraper is provided for scrapping the material from side-wall. You can begin the mixing process with low viscosity, non-flow able pasty end product. Dispersion liquids ad solids, the Mighty mix can complete the mixing process faster and more thoroughly and efficiently due to high shear mixing action.

Once the mix cycle is complete lift the head hydraulically along with the blade and roll the vessel to a Discharge System work by hydraulic pressure system where the end product will be discharged to a secondary mix vessel or directly to metering /dispensing/packing equipment. The process enhances operators safety and reduces the risk of contamination and also save time and significantly reduces production cost.

Vacuum Pressure

In many application quality of the end products can be improved decisively by mixing in a vacuum or under pressure. Vacuum mixing also reduces the risk of contamination of both the mix and the surrounding work environment.

Material Contact Parts

All the material contact parts are made out of stainless steel 304/316 with detachable blade and scraper, easy to clean, simple and efficient.


Adhesives, Chemicals, food, inks, Paints, Pharmaceuticals ,Plastics etc.


Available model from 15 Ltrs. to 750 Ltrs.