Plough Shear Mixer

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Plough Shear Mixer

Basic construction - plough shear mixer operates on hurling and whirling mixing principal and is the most effective system in all application for Solid solid mixing,solid liquid mixing, homogenizing, blending, granulation and drying of industrial material providing high mixing quality within short duration.

It is batch mixer having horizontal mixing system with horizontal, cylindrical drum and horizontally installed mixing main shaft which passes through both the end plates fitted with specially designed bearing housing and seals. Plough shear shovels are fitted on arm of the main shaft keeping minimum clearance between plough shaped element and shell wall. The mixer is provided with suitable valve depending upon the application and feed material. Flush bottom type gate valve or butterfly valve for discharge is provided at the bottom of the drum, which operates manually or by pneumatic system. Cleanup windows can be provided at the side of mixers with interlocking unit. In case the small quantities of liquids are to be added, spraying system with nozzle can be provided.

Choppers : Choppers with special leak proof stuffing boxes is provided for dispensing / breaking lumps in the product by high speed shearing action during the mixing process. These choppers are with lotus type or with multiple blades depending on the application.

Jacket : Jacket of the vessel can be provided for heating or cooling of the product.

Construction : As per clients requirements plough shear mixer is offered in capacities ranging from 25 to 5000 Liters. Gross volume in various contact parts, in flameproof and GMP construction.

Application : Adhesives, Brake lining, Cement, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Dyes, Confectionary (chocolate), Fertilizers, Foodstuffs, Paints, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, etc.