Tray Dryer Oven

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Tray Dryer Oven

Drying ovens are used where heating and drying are essential parts of manufacturing process in industries such as Chemicals, Dye stuff, Pharmaceutical, Food Products, Colours, etc.


Drying ovens are fabricated form strong MS angle iron frame work and MS sheets for forming double walls. Glass wool is used for insulation to minimize the loss of heat and operate the oven at maximum temperature.

Heating and Air circulation

Heating is provided by best quality electrical heaters. Drying is achieved by hot air circulation by means of fan driven by electrical motors fitted at the side of the oven. The unit is also provided with air inlet, air filter, adjustable air outlet, self locking insulated door, etc.

Electrical controls

A control panel is provided in the front of oven consisting thermostat control for controlling temperature, dial thermometer, push buttons, phase indicating lamps, earthing bolt, etc.

Tray Size: 812 mm W x 406 mm D x 31 mm H
Trolley Size: 840 mm W x 960 mm D x 1780 mm H